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OneIndex is a cryptocurrency investment platform that focuses on offering a diversified index for trading various digital assets. It provides exposure to a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Chainlink (LINK) and more. The platform emphasizes easy access to crypto investments, allowing users to fund their accounts with either crypto or fiat currency. OneIndex performs periodic rebalancing of its index composition to maximize returns. Additionally, it features a unique revenue-sharing model where a portion of trading fees is used to provide liquidity to the OneIndex Token (1IDX) on PancakeSwap, thereby boasting its value.

Transform the Way You Trade Crypto!

A Diversified Index

Gain exposure on a variety of assets:

Easy Access to Crypto

Load your funds with Crypto or FIAT and start investing

Constant Rebalancing

Index Composition is rebalanced periodically to maximize returns

OneIndex Includes:

Asset: BTC
Weight: 30%
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Asset: ETH
Weight: 15%
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Asset: BNB
Weight: 10%
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Asset: LINK
Weight: 10%
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Asset: CAKE
Weight: 10%
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Asset: SHIB
Weight: 5%
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Asset: DOGE
Weight: 5%
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Asset: AAL
Weight: 15%
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Sharing Revenues with the Community

0.4% trading fee (plus gas costs ~3 USDT) is applied to every buy operation

50% of all trading fee goes to provide liquidity to the 1Index (1IDX) Token in PancakeSwap

1IDX is now trading at:



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OneIndex Token

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Why OneIndex?

OneIndex launches into the market as a milestone in cryptocurrency investment, offering a diversified index for simplified access to this exciting digital world.

This platform stands out for its approach to leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing a balanced portfolio that covers different segments of the market.

Accessibility is a key pillar of OneIndex, allowing users to fund their accounts with crypto or fiat money. This feature makes it an attractive option for both novice and more experienced investors in the field of cryptocurrencies.

OneIndex not only facilitates investment but also innovates with its model of periodic rebalancing, adjusting its index to align with current market trends. This dynamic strategy is essential to maximize investment returns.

Furthermore, OneIndex introduces a unique revenue-sharing model. A portion of the trading commissions is used to inject liquidity into the OneIndex Token (1IDX) on PancakeSwap, thereby enhancing its value and creating additional incentives for platform users.

Security and flexibility

Security is a priority at OneIndex. With advanced authentication methods and the transparency of its smart contracts, the platform ensures a safe and low-risk investment experience.

OneIndex also offers great flexibility in account recharging, with options ranging from USDT (BEP20) to fiat money. In addition, advanced features such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and limit orders give users detailed control over their investments.

It is important to highlight the difference between the OneIndex index and the 1IDX token. While OneIndex represents a diversity of crypto assets, the 1IDX token is a native asset of the platform whose value increases with trading on the index. This synergy benefits both OneIndex investors and 1IDX holders.

OneIndex emerges as an ideal cryptocurrency investment platform for those looking to diversify their investments in a constantly growing market. With its focus on accessibility, security, and a smart investment strategy, OneIndex positions itself as a solid option in the field of digital finance.


What is OneIndex Index?

OneIndex is an index created to allow people to invest in crypto in a simple and diversified way.

How can I start with this platform?

To open an account on the platform, it is sufficient to provide an email address and a password. As soon as the account is created, the user receives an email containing an account activation link. It is necessary to click on this link to activate the account. Subsequently, the user will be able to access the platform.

I've lost my password. What can I do?

Click on 'Recover Password' and enter your email. A new password will be generated and sent to your email. You can then immediately log in with the new password. Remember to set a new password as soon as you log in.

Is the platform secure?

Yes, the platform is secure. Each time the user logs in, they will receive an email with a one-time access code, which must be entered to complete the authentication process. Additionally, the security of the account can be increased by activating two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator from the settings. The smart contracts that run the platform are also public, and any user can read the code and verify its operation.

How can I recharge my account?

After logging in, it is sufficient to go to the 'Recharge' section and select the desired recharge method. You can recharge with USDT (BEP20), BTC, FIAT money (Bank Transfer), and AAL (in this case, interesting advantages can be obtained). Recharging with USDT is the fastest method: it is enough to send USDT to the address that appears in the interface. To recharge with FIAT, BTC, or AAL, it is necessary to contact the administrator at the indicated email address.

Can I send BTC or AAL to the address shown for topups with USDT?

No, you can't. Doing so will most certainly result in loss of funds.

How can I open a position?

It is enough to specify the amount you want to invest and immediately after, the program automatically purchases on PancakeSwap the assets contained in the index according to the indicated proportions. This means that the operations are executed on-chain. Optionally, Take Profit and Stop Loss can be inserted. Additionally, it is possible to create limit orders, which are executed automatically as soon as the price of the Index reaches the desired level.

How can I close a position?

It is possible to close a position manually or automatically by inserting a Stop Loss or a Take Profit.

How much does it cost to use this platform?

For each purchase operation, a commission of 0.4% of the negotiated amount is applied, plus the gas costs, as indicated in the interface. Closing positions is free. There are also withdrawal fees equivalent to 1% of the amount to be withdrawn (minimum fee: 10 USDT)

What is the OneIndex token (1IDX)?

1IDX is the native BEP20 token of the platform. There are only 2,000,000 1IDX tokens. We created the token to share with our community the revenues generated by the trading platform. When someone opens a position by buying the OneIndex Index, half of the trading fees go to provide liquidity to the 1IDX token on PancakeSwap, increasing the value of this digital asset. It is important to remember that, in this process, the quantity of 1IDX tokens withdrawn from PancakeSwap are instantly burned, thus reducing the number of tokens in circulation.

How can I purchase the OneIndex token (1IDX)?

It is possible to buy 1IDX on PancakeSwap by following the link indicated on this page.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a DEX, or a Decentralized Exchange, which allows for the trading of digital assets without the intermediation of a central authority. In fact, when operating on PancakeSwap, one interacts directly with the Smart Contracts that underlie the platform, maintaining total control of one's funds and keys. This means that:

  • No account creation is necessary
  • No KYC
  • User's funds cannot be confiscated
  • User's transactions cannot be censored

To use PancakeSwap, it is necessary to install the Metamask wallet. Click HERE to read the complete guide to installing and using Metamask.

Is Metamask necessary to use this platform?

It is not necessary to install and use Metamask to use the OneIndex platform and open positions on the index. It is, however, necessary to install Metamask to buy the 1IDX token on PancakeSwap. Click HERE to read the complete guide to installing and using Metamask.

Are OneIndex and the 1IDX token the same thing?

No. OneIndex is an index that includes various digital assets. 1IDX is a token. They are different things but at the same time related: when someone opens a position by buying the OneIndex index, 50% of the trading fees go to provide liquidity to 1IDX, thereby increasing the value of the token.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have a great referal program that allows you to gain generous commissions. For more information, click HERE

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