Referral Program Rules

a) Participants in the referral program (network partners) must create an account on Oneindex, from which they can generate their own referral links.

b) Each network partner can generate multiple referral links. Each referral link is associated with the URL of the website on which the referral link is placed.

c) Each generated referral link must be manually approved by the admin, who evaluates the eligibility of the site associated with the created referral link.

d) The referral links are divided into 3 categories, depending on the volume of DEPOSITS that the partner commits to bringing to the platform when joining the referral program.

Silver < 5000 USDT 10%
Gold > 5000 USDT < 10000 USDT 15%
Platinum > 10000 USDT 20%

* Volumes must be agreed upon and will be codified based on what is agreed.

e) The admin has the ability to promote or demote a network partner based on the analysis of the objective results obtained by the partner during the activity.

f) The commission level applied to each referral link depends on the category to which the link belongs at the time when the profit for the platform is generated.

g) The calculation of commissions is carried out on the trading fees (0.4% of the traded volume) and on the withdrawal fees generated by users who enter the platform through the referral link. Example: Mario signs up for the platform after clicking on Giovanni's referral link, which was on the site Mario opens positions for 10,000 USDT, generating 40 USDT in trading fees. After a month, Mario withdraws the initial capital of 2,000 USDT and pays a trading fee of 10 USDT. At that point, Mario has generated 50 USDT in revenue for the platform. Giovanni's network link is gold. As a result, Giovanni receives 15% of the $50 in commissions generated by Mario and earns 7.5 USDT.

h) Network partners can withdraw their commissions as soon as they are generated.

i) Commission withdrawals are executed in USDT.

j) No fee is applied to the withdrawal of commissions.

j) Participants in the referral program declare that they are of legal age